Boudewijn Buckinx 

If the nightingales, such as the rabbits for example, had had a music history, they would have long since stopped singing - which, as you know, is the case with the rabbits. They would have argued and commented, established rules, established schools and produced geniuses who criticized each other, and would have complained that they produced less than one percent of all the sounds in the world until eventually singing would be virtually impossible. That is why I say that my music is composed as I sing in the bath. There are differences; for example, I like to have an audience for my music. I mean this: theory and skill come first, and then temporarily put in parentheses, so that composing is given free rein. Once finished, the composition can be reconsidered. Undoubtedly the emphasis on the second step - an almost automatic writing, before and after thinking - leads to something like anti-art, that is to say, an art that functions as an anti-environment by which the environment is understood. Another characteristic that gives rise to this is the awareness of things that are objectively unimportant. That is precisely why I love composers such as Mozart, Satie and Cage. So you will hear grandmother's tonality, but, I hope, in such a way that you can say with a new sensibility:
TO B OR TO B FLAT, that's the question.
A film by Viola Rusche & Hauke Harder 2019