Boudewijn Buckinx 

Who gets the idea to write "Nine unfinished symphonies" - one of them perhaps the shortest symphony in music history?
Or "1001 sonatas" - each lasting about a minute but in total being one of the longest pieces ever written?
Like a postmodern Erik Satie the Belgian composer Boudewijn Buckinx is using music history as a playing field. The classical music audience is irritated, the avantgardist wrinkles his nose...
"Daisies in a Meadow" - that's how Buckinx described his "1001 Sonatas" for violin and piano (see more on 1001 Sonatas). They play a leading role in our film, in the supporting roles the Spanish sun and the Belgian rain. The latter, however, did not show up at the set - just as you always have to be prepared for surprises with Boudewijn Buckinx.
"Why is my music so simple? - Why is my music so complex?" With a wink, Buckinx gives various answers to these recurring questions.
The portrait of an immensely productive artist who is radically taking his own path.

Germany, 2019, 88min, HD
A film by Viola Rusche & Hauke Harder 2019